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Screwquick Own Brand Range exclusively through SQFix

Screwquick offer a range of own brand products along with a hand selected range of products which fall in line with the Screwquick's business model.

Screwquick it committed to providing their customers with guidance, support and customer service, our own brand (ScrewQuick) current product range is as below:

  • Quickfill 17kg Light Weight Jointing Compound

  • SQ Stabiliser 10ltr recommended for use on the SQBoard 

  • SQ BOARD Screw – 32mm and 42mm specifically designed to fix SQ Board to light gauge steel and timber

  • SQ47 - Intumescent Silicone 4hr Fire Rating 600ml foil sausage (suitable for external joints)

  • SQ Vapour Control Tape for up to 2 years external exposure

  • B1 Fire Foam (Hand or Gun)

  • B3 Foam (Hand or Gun)

  • All Metal Foam Guns

  • LMN Silicone (White and Translucent)

  • MSP which is an MS Polymer Silicone/Adhesive

  • GRIP which is a solvented Panel Ddhesive (similar to gripfill or pink grip)

  • TAPE Drylining Fibre Tape

  • JUMBO Intumescent Acoustic Mastic 900ml tube

  • SAUSAGE Intumescent Acoustic Mastic 600ml foil sausage

  • MINI Intumescent Acoustic Mastic 310ml cartridge

  • D4 PU Wood Adhesive


If you require any further information or technical guides please contact us                                                         

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