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SQBoard Eco Chloride Free MgO Board for the SIPs & Timber frame Industry
Whats the difference between using MgO and OSB?  Watch the video

We are extremely excited to announce the New SQBoard Eco designed specifically for the SIPs & Timber frame industry.

The SQBoard Eco is:

  • Fire resistant A1 Fire Rating (non-combustible)

  • Water Resistant

  • Mould and Mildew Resistant

  • Impact Resistant (HD Rating)

  • Green and Recyclable

  • Greater Sound and Thermal Insulation than OSB

  • Decoration Ready

  • No need for pre-drilling

The New SQBoard Eco is a truly cost effective way to bring all the benefits of using MgO on SIPs panels and Timber frame construction. The SQBoard Eco gives A1 fire rating (non combustible), along with being water, mould and pest resistant (like our premium SQBoards). The boards are Chloride free enabling us to fall inline with a European directive which is expected 1-2 quarter 2017

The SQBoard Eco is at the forefront of GREEN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY with a far superior fire rating than traditional construction panels. SQ Board Eco have no asbestos and no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) produced in the manufacturing process. The SQBoard Eco will not support mould growth and has virtually no moisture absorption, making them an ideal choice for damp and humid environments.

We truly believe this product, the SQBoard Eco is a true cost effective alternative to OSB allowing you to offer your clients an added benefit option to their SIPs and timber frame needs.


Please contact us today for further information and pricing.

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